Why so many fewer comics, teleogram?

Hey readers, teleogram here. It may have become apparent to you that the number of comics posted in this space has gone down quite a bit over the past two weeks. Well, there’s a reason for that, my dearest readers, and I’m posting now to tell you what it is.

Ya see, the macbook I use to make the comics with is sick. It fell asleep one day and I can’t wake it up. Apple-fixing isn’t currently in the budget, though, so for now I’ve ordered it a new battery, and if that doesn’t do the trick I’ll have to save up all my pennies for a special trip to the apple-fixinators.

In the meantime, I can occasionally steal time on my girlfriend’s macbook which is why comic production has not dropped all the way to zero. Wish my mac a speedy recovery, and hopefully teleogram will be back up to full strength as soon as possible.

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