UTK vs Harvard

This is the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. People in Knoxville refer to the university as UT. I call it UTK because, as a worldly Bostonian, I’ve heard of the state of Texas.

(Not the University of Texas)
(Not the University of Texas)

At first, UTK might seem forbidding and oppressive, at once dominating and sucking the life force out of the local area. However, the Bostonian visitor should feel quite comfortable, one she recognizes that UTK’s place in Knoxville is a lot like Harvard University’s place in her own city.

(Harvard University, the snootiest place on Earth)
(Harvard University, Snootiest Place on Earth)

Like Harvard, UTK owns almost everything around it and exerts an undue influence over the local community. The difference, as far as I can tell, is that Harvard’s goal as an institution is to mold successive generations of world leaders. UTK’s goal, on the other hand, is to support successive generations of its reasonably decent, but not spectacular, college football team.

Depending on your opinions on the quality of world leadership in the 21st century, this means that UTK is either slightly or substantially less evil than Harvard.



4 thoughts on “UTK vs Harvard

  1. Well, there’s also the Medical Center (but it doesn’t hold a candle to Vanderbilt) and there’s the Nuclear Engineering Department (being in the shadow of The Secret City aka Oak Ridge.) UTK is like the Diet Coke of Evil. One Calorie, not evil enough. Besides, until Coach Summitt retired, it is/was home to one of the more successful women’s basketball teams.

  2. I went to UT (or as my UTK alum grandfather calls it, “the other UT”) and your drawing of UTK also looks a lot like UT. A stadium, trees, and some 2-to-6-story buildings. That’s probably most southern universities, though.

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